Romantic pieces designed with a time-less essence in mind, to cherish for years to come.

Romantic inspired sleep sets and slips, designed with a timeless essence in mind, to cherish for years to come. Made with soft and silky satins and delicate lace, our pyjamas and sleepwear sets blend effortless style with a good night's sleep. With a focus on unique design, our sleepwear collection is what dreams are made of. 

Luxurious lace pajamas are one of most enduring women's sleepwear styles. This timeless style has never gone out of fashion. As long as lace is concerned, many ladies swear by silky lave sleepwear for their best beauty sleep. Our sleepwear collection features camisoles, silky slips or sleep sets. Our styles are made using the finest quality lace, which is soft against your skin for a comfortable sleep. They are also designed in a range of classic colors to match high-end bedding sets to complete your sleep experience.

Looking for something for your wedding night? Our lace pyjamas continue to be a popular design that are often seen over wedding lingerie and bridal dresses for this very reason; lace symbolises feminine. beauty. For this reason, our women's sleepwear is ideal for extra special for day wear too - try tucking our camsiole into high waist jeans with a blazer. Lace sleepwear adds an element of romance to your sleepwear wardrobe which is essential to for the modern woman. Shop our Sleepwear collection online now.