It was living in creativity-immersed Byron Bay, Australia that Kate explored the art of intertwining delicate lace with details, fashion and lingerie.

In March ’15, with the change of seasons, came her change of direction. Always having loved designing and creating, coupled with her degree in Fashion, her longtime passion eventuated into an entrepreneurial venture - Kat the Label.

Fiercely feminine designs, with the option to be exposed or hidden, Kate creates each garment to lace you with confidence. She believes that lingerie is the match which ignites one’s sensuality and confidence, because there’s no closer relationship than pairing your skin with your lingerie.

Kat was created to inspire you to lace femininity and adorn your intimates - each and every day.

Kate has worked fervently to establish a label that stands for the love of lace, design, style and details; but most importantly, for the love of oneself.

Now based in Melbourne Australia, Kat the Label is growing globally across the USA.

We’ll compromise on a lot of things... but never our lingerie. 


Kat glitter bralette