Bonnie Gray

The Melbourne-based artist behind our Primrose Blooms collection.

Primrose Blooms

Intricately hand painted, this limited edition print combines delicacy with femininity. Created as something poetic for all women to remember whom they are, through the power of words and art.


Bonnie Gray x Kat the Label

Talk us through your creative design process?

"Creative design is my favourite part of pre-creativity."

I think the bower birding of story telling through words and visuals is a stunning combination.

I can't help but gage the beauty of women. I think women in all their outer landscape and their inner beauty is worthy of honour and creativity.

What was the inspiration behind the print you designed for Kat the Label?

"I always tend to lean towards blooms - blooms have different needs, different mysteries about them."

I was inspired by the journey of the inner landscape of a woman and how she permeates her radiance from the inside out like a heavenly bloom. The more I rested my imagination on this bloom festivity I came to realise the more women allow each other to grow and bloom their own fields or radiate there full form of flowers.

It's honouring the unique gift in one another and honour is the most healthiest spreader of confidence and beauty.

Why is this collaboration a good fit for you?

"Nothing felt more right than saying yes..."

I have been studying women for the past five years, whilst travelling in Paris, photographing women from all walks of life.

Nothing felt more right than saying yes to this wonderful invite as the designers are women themselves and I've been following the brand for a long time.

To sit and create something that is poetic for women to remember whom they are was something that I wanted to be apart of.

What does confidence mean to you?

"Confidence means to know oneself and choose to adore ones all, no matter the state."

I think once you adore you, you speak to you like your looking upon a little version of you or how you would love and adore your niece or daughter.

The most confident women i know are not the obvious types, they are slow to speak, but when they speak its radiant and colourful, its kind, its profound, it isn’t noisy but its harmonising, its inclusive and caring and there is this huge content peace about them. They are true to the blooms they carry and they are generous.

I love meeting a confident woman, this is a moment I take with such care and I lean in and learn from them and their beauty.

Bonnie Gray x Kat the Label

Primrose Blooms

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