International Womens Day with Pinchapoo



Slang for Pinch-a-shampoo, Pinchapoo is the largest national non-profit for personal hygiene products. They partner with over 500 organisations to provide customised hygiene packs for all in need. They've successfully donated 8.5 million products and 600 + national charities have supported the fight against hygiene poverty in Australia.

In the spirit of International Women's Day, the Kat the Label team joined forces with Pinchapoo and spent the morning packing up hygiene packages.

Team Kat the Label

We asked the women behind Kat the Label; Kate, Anna, Georgia, Mia, Orla and Bianca about their experience working at Pinchapoo, what inspires them about our all female team and what female empowerment means to them.

Q. Tell us about your experience at pinchapoo

B - Eye opening, rewarding and a real moment of reflection, something as simple as general every day essentials is something Ive always taken for granted. It was a joy to get involved whilst connecting and sharing personal stories with the incredibly inclusive team.

G - The founder Kate spoke with an incredible rawness and openness about challenges in her life which ultimately led her to the idea of Pinchapoo. 15 years on and she is using her platform to help hundreds of thousands of other women (and men) in similar situations.

Q. What inspires you about our all female team?

O - We are all genuinely interested and invested in one another. We very much thrive off collaborating and connecting together! It’s rewarding working in a team where you feel understood supported at the same time. 

K - I love that we have an all female team, its incredible to watch everyones individual journey, as they continue to flourish into the incredibly hardworking and dedicated women they are.

Q. What does female empowerment to you?

A - Female empowerment to me is being confident in what makes sense for you. Owning your own path and being true to yourself every step of the way!

M - Female empowerment means supporting each other and at the same time challenging one another to reach our best potential in all aspects of life. 

Want to donate?

1 in 3 Australian’s experience hygiene poverty, pinchapoos vision is for EVERY Australian to have access to this basic human right.