Hanna Schönberg

The carefully curated collaboration invites the wearer to indulge in moments we might miss, and surrender to the simplicity of being present. 


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Mix & Match

Hanna is known for mixing and matching our sleepwear and lingerie sets. With this in mind we worked closely, from design meetings to photographing the collection together in France, ensuring in every step that the capsule collection could do just that.

An insight into Hanna

Q & A

What is your relationship to fashion?

"I’ve had a lifelong love for fashion, for me, its a way of expressing myself. It allows me to convey my personality, mood, and creativity through what I wear."

What are your Valentine’s essentials?

"Pretty underwear, a bouquet of flowers, a romantic dinner and some red wine."

Favourite piece of advice you have ever received?

"Stay true to yourself. It's a reminder that authenticity is key in all aspects of life, and when you embrace your true self, you can navigate challenges with confidence and integrity."

Tell us about your personal style?

"I love experimenting with clothes, but it's essential for me that my style reflects my personality and values, which is why it's constantly evolving."

Sharing a love of beautiful aesthetics and dreamy designs, the collaboration was a perfect fit for Kat the Label.

Favourite date night spots around the globe?

PARIS Bistro Paul Bert is a classic Parisian Bistro, perfect for people watching.

STOCKHOLM L’Avventura holds a special place in my heart, as it was where my boyfriend and I had our first dinner date.

MELBOURNE Gimlet. An elevated dining experience.

NEW YORK For a cosy dinner in the West Village head to Via Carota - followed by a drink at Bar Pisselino to finish the night.