Ethics & Sustainability

At Kat the Label we are committed to ethical trade, manufacturing and working conditions for all of our factories.
We integrate principled behaviour in all aspects of our operations, from design, pattern making and sampling here in Melbourne, Australia. To production, fabric sourcing and our extremely talented seamstresses in China. 
We work closely with our factories through regular visits to ensure we continue to work with an ethical and safe facility. While we wait for accreditation by a third party, we ensure conditions are abiding by our strict code of conduct for an ethical, safe and happy workplace for our entire supply chain. 
We aim to ensure that fabric usage is as sustainable as possible and avoid using dyes that have harmful effects on our environment. We also keep all packaging to a minimum to avoid wastage and landfill. 
We are now sending out orders in recyclable cardboard envelopes, and compostable shipping satchels. 
Each piece we design with classics, quality and comfort in mind, so that you keep and cherish your product as long as possible. We are not about fast fashion or following trends.
If you have any questions or comments on our current practices, please don't hesitate to contact me directly at to discuss.